Gift Card Blitz
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This is a great breakdown that ranks gift cards from different retailers to help make gift card buying a little easier. There is a great table inside with scoring for things from popularity to resale value. Check out this guide, especially around the holidays, for some great info to help you get the best bang for your buck.

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This is a great guide to check out regularly, updated with some major gift card brands that you need to watch out for. When a retailer has business or financial issues, that can put their gift cards at risk for those of us who have them. Stay up to date so you don't get burned.

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This is a longer read, but worth it. This great piece covers some major interesting points about the world of gift cards. From human behavior to the tactics companies use to make money off of consumers like us, this article gives a lot of great insight from some very interesting people.

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Check out this great article that covers several different ways you can get some value out of your unused gift cards. From re-gifting to selling, it even covers a way to get rid of your unused gift cards that might just make you feel good inside.

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